It's All About Smooth

Alma DeMille has helped hundreds of folks get the smoothest ride possible from their gaited horses & has a talent and passion for what he does! He has several degrees in Horsemanship & Equestrianism from Universities and world famous trainers, and has brought his broad scope of knowledge and experience into the Gaited Horse World. His influence has reached around the globe, both with horses he's trained or sold in many countries as well as his openly candid denunciation of many modern show trends and heartfelt promotion of making gaited horses smooth to ride like they were originally intended to be! Alma DeMille has taught clinics from coast to coast in the USA and helped both horse owners and other trainers learn how to bring out the full potential of gaited horses, so they can glide along like floating on a cloud. He has worked with all gaited breeds and has a deep love for quality animals of every breed, and loves to help people learn how to enjoy their horses to the utmost!

When you attend Alma's clinic or take lessons from him, you can expect to do a lot more than enjoy watching him ride your horse better than you even knew your horse could travel, but will have a great time learning how to ride your horse yourself in a way you only dreamed of! Alma has helped numerous horses that paced learn to move diagonally and smooth out wonderfully, just as he has taught hundreds of trotting horses to move more laterally and smooth out. Alma has an amazing ability to watch horses moving and to know what they need to do differently to gait well and how to go about making the changes. He can see when a horse needs to get rid of tension and relax to let their body flow and then can apply his knowledge to accomplish the task...or he can see a horse that's all loose and strung out and teach them how to tighten up and move with athletic posture, engaging their limbs, connecting their minds to their bodies, then teaching the rider to connect to the horse so they synchronize together! Alma can also determine the best tack for your horse, farrier solutions and every other issue related to gaited horses, as well as general horsemanship skills.

Several participants through the years have exclaimed that it is "Like Magic" watching him work "Miracles" with horses and people. If your horse has the genetic ability to gait then Alma is THE ONE to help you and your horse find and utilize that potential, so you can both have an enjoyable lifelong partnership gliding up the trails!

Experience The Glide!

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